We are the Trusted Source For Educating and Supporting Underserved Entrepreneurs in 195 Countries. Founded in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our Mission is to spread wealth creation around the world by encouraging entrepreneurship and sharing knowledge to those who educate and support entrepreneurs. We put “global” in global entrepreneurship.


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For Entrepreneurs:

Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success Free Online Courses
This course focuses on Business Plan Development. Our course aims at creating knowledge, skills, and awareness in the critical aspects of funding, launching, and growing a new business venture and then leading it to a successful harvest. Our course will also feature a series of online assignments and the preparation of a presentation for a new business venture.

We facilitate introductions to investors, professional service providers, and other entrepreneurs. Using our exclusive Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success we have helped entrepreneurs raise over $100 million.

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– Free Online Courses for Entrepreneurs
– Member Only Private Online Forum
– Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Export Plan Review Service
– Help from Our Mentors, Experts, and Partners
– Stress Test Your Ideas for a New Business Venture
– Free Web Site And Hosting For Launching
– Help You Create Your Press Release and Promote Your Company
– Structured Online Courses, Workshops, and Guest Lectures
– Online resources including, business plan templates, financial spreadsheets, and important legal documents
– Study and work online to earn a Free Certificate from the Global Entrepreneurship Institute
– Global Entrepreneurship Institute is a IRS 501(c)(3) Non-Profit: Public Charity, Educational, Economic Development

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For Students and Educators:

GCASE – Global Community for Advancing Studies on Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs, powered by their dreams and passions, have been the engine for creating new jobs, generating revenue, advancing innovation, enhancing productivity, and improving business models and processes. Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of the free enterprise system around the world. In fact more than 500 million adults around the globe are engaged in some form of entrepreneurial activity each year.

We research, organize, and share valuable knowledge in an “open-source” format that advances the studies on entrepreneurship, and bridges the gap between theory and practice. Non-profit and educational organizations around the world are encouraged to leverage our ideas, our information, and our online support to advance and support entrepreneurship.

Our books and course materials are used in the Top 10 best graduate programs in the USA that teach entrepreneurship, and 8 of the Top 10 best undergraduate programs in the USA that teach entrepreneurship.

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For Professional Service Providers and Consultants:

Do you have a new business, or are you working on a new product ready for “go-to-market” launch? We can help you prepare and share your press release to our global audience.

Your Press Release (also called a news release) is a document issued to the media, financial community, trade and industry analysts and consumers to announce a product, partnership, to drive traffic to your Web site, an acquisition, event, personnel announcement, or other newsworthy item.

Your news release can be used to announce all kinds of interesting of information. News can include but is not limited to, awards and recognition, grants, special events and activities, academic and professional publications, conferences, milestones, new research and equipment, human interest stories, new Web pages, new staff and faculty, and alumni achievements and professional activities.

We Take No Equity or Ownership In Your Company or Ideas

We are a non-profit organization and we take no equity. Our members receive educational resources and support to work on their start-ups for zero cost. Any new business ventures, any new products developed, or any other work product done through our educational programs belongs completely to the creators. We do not take ownership of any intellectual property created by our members, nor does our supporters. We are focused on the global good what good entrepreneurs can create. We encourage donations from the entrepreneurs we have helped, and we appreciate any additional community support. With this said, we are very selective with the entrepreneurs we choose.

Global Entrepreneurship Institute is IRS 501(c)(3) Non-Profit: Public Charity, Educational, Economic Development